Software Development in Cyprus

Our Key Business Values:

In the current business environment that signifies shorter ROI cycle with TCO and marketing periods, a dynamic software and IT strategy is paramount. We aim at assisting our customers achieve these business drivers through providing customized and professional software solutions that are based on the Google Web Toolkit and Java platform. This means that all our software applications are highly productive and based on pure web standards.

Our software development process involves direct interaction and communication with the client. The client defines the software design, and if there are changes to be made after the development stage, they are done seamlessly. Additionally, we utilize open source software that is robust.


Business applications development

Some years back, business applications meant nothing much in the business environment. Today, there is an application for almost every business. Thus, business applications have become necessities of every growing and developed business that aims at attracting new customers through the information technology. In addition, all businesses benefit from business applications. We focus on developing user-focused, highly innovative and business driven applications that offer your customers more ways to interact with your products and services from any location. The applications are radically proven in different ways during the design stage.

Before designing the business application, we ensure that we understand your business, its competition, operations, challenges and market position. We then assist in determining the best application that will provide a solution to your challenges.

We ensure that your application is user-friendly, intuitive and serves your customers as you want it to before we write the codes. Thus, you get familiar with the application from the design stage. Our high fidelity Google Web Toolkit and Java based design incorporates the look and feel feature that gives you an opportunity to see how your application will work and look like. The application code is thoroughly tested by our engineering team to eliminate any problems that may hinder it from operating smoothly. This ensures and error free launch.

Consulting services

Unlike most software development companies that shut doors to their clients after the software development stage is over, we offer consultation services to all our customers. If you want to upgrade your software or include additional features, we are here to assist you. Our consultation services aim at providing relevant IT advice on how companies can be run efficiently while utilizing cost-effective technology to compete with other businesses in your area. To achieve this, we utilize standard methodologies like system analysis and six sigma to determine the current strategies and processes. We analyse the findings and come up with possible solutions for saving man hours through software costs and customs automation. All the findings and possible solutions are presented to our clients with a detailed scope.

To achieve our aim of utilizing cost-effective technology, we perform custom implementation and use open source software that saves you from acquiring unnecessary software, software licences and support costs. We understand that people consult because they want change. Thus, we offer migration solutions such as; database migrations, application migration, network restructuring, E-mail host migration and remote IT support among others.

We are different from most IT consulting companies in that, we develop and code all projects based on the Google Web Toolkit and Java platform. We comprehend the technology and we execute client plans and needs effectively. We custom make every implementation based on professional documentation and train your staff if need be.

How Do We Work?

We focus on approaching every project and customer individually. We develop Google Web Toolkit and Java software and application practices that are tailored to your personal business requirements through incorporating dynamic environment, transparency and automation. We guarantee timely delivery of projects that feature both classical and modern approaches such Agile and among others within your budget.

Our software development process includes four steps.

  1. The definition stage
  2. Development
  3. Stabilization
  4. Project Delivery

Definition stage: Upon submitting your request for a Google Web Toolkit and Java based software or application, we assign a team of experts who gather and analyse the scope, vision and requirements for your project. The team then develops a design, functional specifications, detailed iterations/spirit plans and delivery formats before determining the cost estimates.

Development stage: this stage begins with the creation of technical design documents, test plans and project plans. Our team of experts then develop a Google Web Toolkit and Java software prototype that simulates the final application design. This simulation is presented to the client for criticism and feedback. Most changes are made at this stage. All client approved features ate integrated and implemented according to the set requirements. The team then executes development testing and create a user guide.

Stabilization: at this stage, the developed application undergoes full testing cycle that includes bug fixing to ensure that it runs smoothly.

Project Delivery: after development and testing the software application is delivered to the client. Upon delivery, the client receives design and technical requirements documentation, source code, a warranty, user manual, set up manual, maintenance and installation instructions. The client retains full intellectual property and source code rights.

Our development process does not end at the delivery stage. We offer support and maintenance services to our clients when need be. Additionally, we assist clients in improving software applications to cater for their upcoming needs.