We bridge the gap between banking and....everything else

Manage multiple bank accounts, from multiple banks, all from the same place!



Watch the Online Banking Integrator in Action:





Automatic Transaction Synchronization with any bank!

That's right! you will never have to type in a transaction ever again.

No connection with bank? No Problem

Just import any bank statement file.

We built an intelligent module that analyzes the transaction and imports them.

It's that easy.





Search as you type, Categorize & Filter transactions.

...and create reports on the spot.

No Installations, No servers and expenses through the roof.

Just log in from your browser!





View multiple accounts from multiple banks at once.

Create links between transactions, trace route of funds with a couple of clicks.

Be aware of any financial transactions as they happen!

E-mail and sms alerts when the balance drops below X or

when account A transfers to account B.




Select transactions and send them by e-mail.

Multiple users can collaborate and view attachments of transactions via the document repository.

No need to attach statements on e-mail anymore.



Access Management per account

Allow your customers to log in, or your accountant or your partner.

It's up to you!





Automatically Create Budgets and Projections

...based on existing past transactions.

Manage Loans and Assets

....the easy way





Multiple currencies?

No problem, we sync rates daily with the ECB.

Create complex reports on the fly, using different currencies.

Compliance officers and Signatories

this is what you have been waiting for!

Transaction Data is retained as long as you need,

and it is truly readily available for audit.